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After installing the SDK to your website's form, each and every submission will be recorded and given a Certificate of Compliance. This certificate is then maintained as a historical record to protect you against potential future litigation as proof of consent.

Certificate of Compliance

The Certificate of Compliance is the proof of consent that can protect your company against future litigation. This certificate also allows you to gain deeper insights about your leads you are acquiring despite the marketing channel.

  • When did they visit? The date the lead visited, the time at which the lead completed the form, and the time on site is all collected during the Certificate of Compliance authentication process
  • Where did they visit? The URL that the form is recorded to give undeniable evidence of consent to opt in.
  • Who Visited? Information about the user is collected such as the device IP address, the operating system of the device, browser type and screen resolution.
  • What did they see? A video replay of the form submission event is created and stored showing exactly what the lead saw during the submission process.

Maintain Proof of Consent With Your Certificate of Compliance

After your Certificate of Compliance is issued it is then stored in the cloud. Your business can then request the certificate at any time as the proof of consent. Now you can contact your leads worry free.

Protect Against Bot’s & Lead Fraud

Using the deeper insights that provides you will be able to easily identify lead fraud and bot’s that fill forms. Use this data to optimize your lead buying process to focus only on the best quality leads.

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