We Protect Your Company with Proof of Consent

Compliant.ly’s Certificate of Compliance is the gold standard for 3rd party proof of consent. This certificate also enables you to gain deeper insights into the leads you are generating, regardless of the marketing channel.

How it Works

Unveiling the Mechanisms: A Closer Look into our Process

After installing the SDK on your website’s form, each and every submission will be recorded and given a Certificate of Compliance. This certificate is then maintained as a historical record to protect you against potential future litigation as proof of consent.

Certificate of Compliance

Compliant.ly's Certificate of Compliance is the proof of consent that can protect your company against future litigation. This certificate also allows you to gain deeper insights about the leads you are generating whatever the marketing channel is.

  • When did they visit your website? The date the lead visited your page, the time at which the lead completed the form, and the time on site is all collected during the Certificate of Compliance authentication process
  • Where did they visit from? The URL where the form is recorded gives undeniable evidence of consent to opt in.
  • Who visited? Information about the user is collected such as the device IP address, the operating system of the device, browser type and screen resolution.
  • What did they see? A video replay of the form submission event is created and stored showing exactly what the lead saw during the submission process.

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Certificates Generated


TCPA Actions Thwarted

Our Exclusive Services

Empowerment Program

Unlock your Potential with our Customer Success + Support Services: Designed to provide unmatched support and guidance throughout your compliance journey.

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TCPA Defender

Reduce Risk and Call with Confidence. Identify leads with TCPA consent and obtain compelling evidence to support consent claims in the event of a complaint.

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Verified Token

Demonstrate your Commitment to Transparency and Privacy. Use Verified Tokens to capture consumer consent and establish a certified history for each lead.

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Ensure Compliance and Consumer Satisfaction

At Compliant.ly, we understand the importance of safeguarding your business and ensuring compliance with TCPA regulations. That's why we offer the industry's gold standard Certificate of Compliance, providing you with rock-solid proof of consent for every lead that submits their data through your website.

Our Certificate of Compliance serves as an indisputable document that validates the consent obtained from each individual. It acts as a powerful tool to protect your company's reputation and mitigate any potential legal risks. With this certificate in hand, you can confidently demonstrate that you have followed all necessary protocols and obtained valid consent before initiating any communications.

Don't leave your compliance to chance. Choose Compliant.ly and let our Certificate of Compliance provide you with the peace of mind and legal protection your business deserves.

Stay Ahead of Compliance and Safeguard Your Business


Our Clients Says

We love working with Michael / Drew and the team at Compliant.ly to deliver our customer base with a top tier compliance option that is cost affordable and privacy first.

Brooks West

I absolutely love Compliant.ly! One of the best things about it is that there are no contracts to deal with, which gives me the flexibility I need. Moreover, the team behind Compliantly is simply wonderful to work with. They are responsive, helpful, and truly dedicated to ensuring a smooth experience for their customers.

Angela Mirabella

Lux Media Network
I use Compliant.ly for my proof of concent, because they truly are the supieror product. When compliance matters and if you don't want to deal with complicated solutions that tie you into an anual commit, then I would recommend Compliant.ly.

John Liesinger

Mammoth Marketing

Maintain Proof of Consent with your Certificate of Compliance

After your Certificate of Compliance is issued it is then stored on the cloud. Your business can then request the certificate at any time as the proof of consent. Now you can contact your leads worry free.

Protection against Bots & Lead Fraud

Using the deeper insights that Complant.ly provides you will be able to easily identify lead fraud and bots that fill out forms. Use this data to optimize your lead buying process to focus only on the best quality leads.

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